Does Artificial Grass Devalue A Property


Summer months are pretty scorching and they completely dry out yards. In this light, many homeowners have turned to artificial grass to keep their lawns luscious especially when the house is up for sale. This is a great alternative but you may be wondering if artificial grass could devalue your property?

Costs of lawn maintenance have always been high because of the need to keep it green and pest free. With artificial grass, it is now a hassle-free, convenient and sustainable strategy to keep the yard in top condition which helps attract buyers.

Curb appeal encourages the clients to approach and want to check your house out. Unkempt lawns with brown grass will keep clients off so it makes financial sense for home realtors to use artificial grass in hot summer months and drought-affected regions.

Artificial grass is reliable and low maintenance for curb appeal and this increases the value of your property. 

With this alternative, homeowners do not have to spend time, money, or effort into maintaining the lawns once they are professionally laid in.

Pros of artificial grass 

Cost Saving 

With a guaranteed lifespan of 15 to 20 years and a 2 to 8-year return on investment, artificial lawns will save you a quick buck. The idea that you never have to micromanage your lawn after its installation is astounding.

Artificial lawns eliminate the need for maintenance equipment and services such as mowing and trimming. Plus, unlike with the real grass lawns that require huge amounts of fertilizers and weed killers to keep the lawn healthy and free of spontaneous and hideous shrubs, artificial grass needs no extra care.

Avoiding the use of these chemicals saves the children and pets from coming into contact with harmful substances as well.


With a reduced need for lawn upkeep, homeowners spend less time catering to maintenance. However, occasional watering from time to time will keep the lawn clean and this time could also be used to check for any damage or tears to the lawn.

For those homeowners with trees in their yard, they will have to rake the grass to remove leaves and any debris and while doing so fluff up the blades of grass.

Water conservation 

Globally and locally, there is a move to conserve water in all ways possible. As a result, many homeowners have opted to do away with their lawns entirely or make adjustments to their landscaping.

Growing drought-tolerant plants and rocks have been their only alternative following the government-mandated water usage limitations.

For those homeowners who love the aesthetic appeal of lush green lawns, these alternatives have not been satisfactory and thus the artificial lawns have conveniently taken over their natural landscapes for a more permanent solution.

Aesthetic Beauty

Artificial lawns can be depended on all year round to provide excellent curb appeal. Plus, by selecting a blend of blades of different lengths and grass in various shades, you will get a very natural-looking grass lawn.

This artificial grass is notably UV resistant which means it will not fade. This guarantees years of consistent color, texture, and height.

Cost of artificial grass 

Depending on the square feet you plan on covering in your yard, the grade type of grass you prefer, and the amount of work needed to be put in, the cost of buying your artificial grass will vary.

The grass is priced at $5 to $20 per square foot area so the entire project may range from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

Table detailing difference between maintaining Artificial Grass and Sod

Artificial Grass
$12.50/ sq. ft.

Total: $6,250

$0.40/sq. ft.

Total: $200

$20/mo. For 6 months
$0.20/sq. ft.
Lawn Services
$25+/wk for 26 weeks
First Year Total
Additional Cost Per Year

Picking the best artificial grass and installation process

Most artificial grass resembles grass species such as Bermuda, fescue, and zoysia. Nylon produces the most durable types and they feature non-directional blades of grass that make them look very real to the eye.

When making your pick of artificial grass, go for the top-quality grade that matches the native grass that grows in your region.

Picking one with a thatch underlay and varied color and length in grass blades will guarantee your satisfaction over many years.

Only a professional with some years of experience and possibly some confirmed referrals should be allowed to work on your artificial lawn installation.

The successful installation calls for a well-prepared and smooth ground so he must initially clear the ground of rocks and weeds. A layer of gravel or sand should follow and this must be compressed to prevent any weed undergrowth with sufficient drainage.

The turf can then be rolled out and secured with long nails or anchor pins to prevent any wrinkling and to keep all seams neatly and perfectly tucked in.

Pets on artificial grass

Other than the already mentioned benefit of keeping your pets safe from harmful and potentially toxic chemicals from fertilizers and treatments, artificial grass will not turn brown from their urine. The urine will be drained away and keep any issues that may be brought about by their urine or feces.

Another huge benefit that animal lovers appreciate about artificial grass is that parasites like fleas cannot live on it which will help to significantly minimize their occurrence. Lastly, you won’t have to worry about muddy paws on your couch.


Artificial grass lawns will increase the value of your property across a wide pool of potential clients who love to have one but do not like the work that comes with maintaining it. If you plan on selling your house in the future and you wonder about the return on investment, the artificial grass lawn is a solid option for you to consider.


Will the artificial grass get hot in the summertime?

While it will get hotter than natural grass, it won’t be so unbearable that you can’t use it. Using a grass with lighter color shades and sprinkling some water on it will do well in cooling it off.

What options are available for infill other than thatch?

The most popular alternative infill is rounded silica granules, cork, coconut fiber, and EnviroFill that is specially formulated for pet owners. 


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