Does Removing A Bedroom Devalue A House


So, it’s time to sell your house and you’re thinking of converting your daughter’s bedroom into a bathroom. Before you start moving things around or converting spaces, consider if removing a bedroom will devalue your house.

Realtor research has shown that converting a bedroom into a bathroom could help add value to your house resale value. However, just before you call your contractor to come and start renovations and installations, you might want to consider some real-time factors.

To answer directly, yes. Removing a bedroom will significantly lower the value of your house in the present day. 

The days when homeowners were rushing for the ensuite bedroom choice are slowly fading away. Now, more than ever, potential clients prefer to have more bedrooms in their house especially if they have many kids or if they regularly host people over.

You will be interested to find out that now, more homeowners with these big bedrooms have increasingly been requesting for a separation to make their one bedroom into two.

As more families see the need for personal space in their homes, they will gravitate towards a house with more bedrooms especially if they have the kids to occupy them.

House listings are categorized by comparable factors and the number of bedrooms happens to be top of the list of highest demand. To put it plainly, the more bedrooms a house has, the higher the asking price for it will be.

Most neighborhoods fit a set criterion in the property market so removing a bedroom sets you apart to a disadvantage when your house is put up against others in your area.

On the flip side, adding a bedroom to your house will raise your resale value. Although you do need to be careful with these changes because renovations are quite expensive and if your house is too expensive compared to others on your block, you will be on sale for a long time.

These changes also cannot guarantee a fair return on investment which is crucial to consider way before going for any house changes.

Table showing Renovations that devalue your property

Market Standards
Removing a bedroom
Clients prefer more bedrooms for extra personal space
Removing closets
Clients go for houses with a variety of storage spaces
Turning garage into work or living space
Majority of clients prefer to have a parking garage
Too much wallpaper
Clients do not appreciate the crowded or overdone feeling to your house
Clients prefer a clear floor that matches throughout the rooms and is not cracked or stained
Kitchen, Bathrooms and toilets
Clients like to see clean, shiny and stain-free surfaces and functioning appliances

Adding value to a house with an altered or removed bedroom

Let’s assume that you already made changes to a bedroom that could devalue your house, making a few adjustments could cost you but increase your desirability. Several factors surrounding your home also deserve a keen revamp if you have been previously been oblivious to them. 

They say first impressions are everything and the paint job on your property is the first thing that is noticeable about your house.

So, before calling up your local realtor to put your house up for sale, give a call to your painter to do a once over with a fresh new tub of paint to give your house the sparkle it needs to attract buyers.

Be sure to keep colors neutral in white, blue, gray, or beige shades so as to draw in a large pool of potential buyers.

Don’t forget to remove any wallpaper and gloss over a sheet of paint in the interiors as well to give the house a new splash of color and light. 

Now that you have managed to get the clients past the yard and into the house, be very keen and pay attention to the smallest details because potential buyers can be quite picky and particular about their house of choice.

Be sure to dust and clean all surfaces, ensure the house is free of odor and that enough natural light is flowing through the polished windows. Remember to stash away the odd items and keep pictures and sentimental pieces to a bare minimum.

A thorough inspection of any leaks, cracks, and restoration of household appliances should be done by professionals to ensure your house is in top condition at all times is mandatory. 

Clients don’t appreciate and will not part with the sale value of a house if there is seen to be any fault in it. And you cannot expect them to take on the responsibility of fixing any rundown house.

Examples of areas of great interest to clients are the kitchen and the bathroom. Do your best to erase all evidence of wear, tear, or stained surfaces to help clients appreciate your house even more.

If you really must get rid of the bedroom, you may want to consider converting it into a half or full bathroom which will significantly raise the value of your property. To be on the safe side, consult with your go-to realtor about any and every change you need to make on your property to secure a quick and profitable sale. 

While remodeling, remember to stick to the basics and avoid overspending on unnecessary flashy features that do not add value to the general home buying market.


In summary, it is true that removing a bedroom potentially decreases the value of your house but it doesn’t mean that your house losses its allure to buyers.

If you take the time to carefully consider the market needs and spare enough coins to work with professionals to revamp other rooms in your house, the value of your house will be enough to secure a return on investment for the time, money, and effort it took you to get make it attractive for buyers.


Do wallpapers lower the value of a house?

Yes, they do. They must be removed and the wall repainted. Every effort should be made to keep the house simple and devoid of all personal preferences.

Is it a good idea to replace an unused closet space with a bathtub?

Not a good idea. Storage space is a huge factor to clients and some may even count the number of closets available in every room to guide them in appreciating or depreciating your property.


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