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How Much Value Does An Open Plan Kitchen Add


When you are trying to raise the value of your house, one of the best rooms to revamp is the kitchen area. Taking into consideration one market trend that is all the rage today, how much value does an open plan kitchen add?

It has been said regularly that the kitchen is the heart of a home. The changing needs of home residents, the rise of nuclear families, and the ever-shrinking home sizes have transformed the structure and design of most kitchens.

The market is ever-shifting from the closed kitchen into the more urban open kitchen design that integrates with the rest of the house. In this space, families get to bond by cooking, eating, cleaning, playing, and relaxing simultaneously.

An open kitchen plan has the potential of increasing the value of your house by at least 5% which roughly translates to about £5,000 in Europe or the equivalent $6,473 in the United States.

An open plan kitchen is one without walls or barriers meaning that your cooking prowess and creativity are displayed on a large platform for all to see.

This style of kitchen design is more than just a cooking space as it provides the family with a place to convene amid busy schedules, gives an interesting and attractive entertainment space for hosting guests, and gives mothers some peace of mind by helping them to monitor their young ones as they whip up a meal.

With the potential to add between 5 to 15% value to the home, the degree of value is measured by a number of factors such as the cost of creating, the state of the kitchen, and the total value of your house.

Estate agents have ranked it among the top three most valuable and profitable home improvements. However, it is not true for every home because if you have an already clean, neutral, and functioning kitchen, any budget spent on replacing it may not affect the value of your home at all.

Consulting home valuers and realtors for different quotes and ideas on profitable renovations to undertake should help you make the right decision about whether or not to effect any changes.

Cost of renovating a full kitchen

Averagely, you can expect to spend about $23,000 installing your open plan kitchen.

Table breaking down cost of kitchen renovation

Element of Project
Price estimate
Design fees
Appliances and Ventilation
Cabinetry and Hardware
Faucets and Plumbing

Benefits and challenges to an open plan kitchen 

Before you make your decision about jumping into the bandwagon to add an open plan kitchen set to your house, there are a few pros and cons associated with this design that you must be aware of.

Parties and socialization

If you love hosting small meet-ups in your house, an open plan kitchen is for you. It is both welcoming and accommodative to your guests and the wide and long platform encourages them to congregate around a central space.

Here, guests can nibble on appetizers and sip on their drinks while seated on high chairs or they can lounge on the sofa out front with some tea while still feeling included and bonded with the rest.

Watching kids

Every parent can resonate with how tasking it is to keep their little ones safe and productive while in the midst of preparing them a snack or their everyday meals. An open plan kitchen will help you keep an eye on them and help guide them through any homework as they chop up and cook lunch or dinner.

Also, getting children engaged in daily household activities and using these opportunities to bond with your kids is both important and priceless. And the open-plan kitchen will facilitate this more effectively.

Saving space

The lack of walls in the open plan kitchen allows for more room to fit in furniture and walkways. It also allows more light to fill the room which makes it feel brighter, livelier, bigger, and airier.

You do need to be careful when taking down any brick walls to be sure that you are not breaking down any supporting pillars. However, a solution to creating a supportive sole pillar using the now more affordable steel material eliminates any need for worry.

In addition to saving some space, an open plan kitchen also adds to the uniqueness and wow factor of a house. So, if you are one who loves to revel in immaculate designs that are not only highly functional but also attractive, this is the plan for you.

Versatility in design

This kitchen plan does not have to fit the standard square box. Incorporating designs such as an L-shaped area allows for better creation of natural zones. Consider the space you have to work with and work to fill any unused spaces.

Open-plan kitchens, when carefully considered, present the users with different zones in which they can carry out individual activities such as reading a book, doing homework, or enjoying a drink all very safely.

These zones act as imaginary barriers between a kitchen, dining, and living room all on one big platform. Applying subtle color scheme changes is a beautiful and effective way to mentally create these invisible walls.

In terms of flooring, aim to keep it as practical as possible by using engineered floorboards, wooden floors which make a beautiful finish, or vinyl flooring which offers a quality imitation look that is easy to clean and maintain.

Cons- Sound and smell

Two of the drawbacks associated with open plan kitchens are sound and smell but there are some quick fixes that can be employed such as an extractor fan to reduce disruptions associated with the kitchen.

Positioning audio entertainment systems far from the kitchen area will also minimize the chances of kitchen activities drowning them out.


An open plan kitchen brings with it tons of value-added properties that are more than just financial. This setting presents a greater opportunity for better family life without the need to add an extra square inch to your property.


How much should I spend on my open plan kitchen?

Using the assessed value of your house, realtors’ advice owners to spend no more than 8 percent of the total. In doing so, the client has a better chance of recovering the incurred costs after a sale. 

How can I manage the clutter in my open plan kitchen?

Invest in plenty of storage units like floor-to-ceiling cabinets. These maximize space, keep dust out, and give the impression of a more expansive kitchen.



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