What Is The Average Cost Of A Bath Fitter Conversion From Tub To Shower


As the appeal of bathtubs starts to wane off given the current busy lifestyles of many humans and the increasing limited spaces that are now our homes, more homeowners are transitioning their bathtubs into shower systems. But just how much does it cost to convert your tub into a shower?

As with most projects, the cost of conversion from a bathtub to shower depends on a couple of factors like whether you chose a one-piece or a custom-designed option.

If you want to make it more luxurious, you need to part with a little more to try out styles like natural stone tile which not only costs more in material but also takes longer to set up.

Lastly, if you have any special requests like a door or if the plumbing needs to be redone, these will significantly raise your total cost.

All things considered, the cost to convert your bathtub into a shower will range between $1,200 to $7,950. 

Cost considerations 

It does take time and money to remove the bathtub and this process adds on the need for some repairs totaling $450 and $1,100. So, in a breakdown of these costs, the bathtub removal could cost anywhere between $50 to $100, repairs would be $300 to $800 and the cleanup would be about $100 to $200.

In this aspect, a one-piece tub-shower combo is the simplest to rearrange and convert compared to the hours it takes to remove and repair hundreds of bathroom tiles.

Building a small shower without doors would be the cheapest option but a walk-in shower with or without a door would set you back about $600 to $1,350.

Adding or adjusting plumbing and the faucets of your old bathroom will cost you an average of $600 to $1,600.

Converting Tub to a Shower Stall

A shower stall alone costs anywhere between $700 and $1,600 and to install this set up of any size will cost you $1,200 to $3,600. 

Shower stalls come in kits and they are made of fiberglass and acrylic. These stalls may or may not include grab bars or shelves but you can buy a bar with a curtain separately for about $25 to $50.

If you prefer to have a shower door for more privacy, the cost will be about $950.

Converting Tub to a Tile Shower 

Assuming that your plumbing is in the right order, you will only need to change the walls and the flooring. This will cost you about $1,000 to $3,000. 

Tiles cost about $0.50 to $15 depending on their quality and creative designs so to retile an entire bathroom will be anywhere between $2,150 and $7,950.

Table Showing Average Cost of A Bath Fitter Conversion From Tub To Shower

Costs of material and installation
Remove tub
$50 – $100
Clear debris
$100 – $200
$300 – $800
Shower stall
$700 – $1,600
Custom Shower
$1,000 – $3,000
Shower Door
$600 – $1,350
Plumbing and faucets
$650 – $2,500

The time it takes for Bath Fitter conversion into a shower

Known for being highly efficient and effective, a bath fitter conversion should not take more than two days. 

Before the installation day, you will have submitted all your preferences and design ideas and the team will send out an expert to your house to take specified measurements of the space they will be working on.

Due to the changes and repairs that must be done to the surfaces after demolition, these conversion jobs will take up to two days. The team cleans up after themselves which allows you to jump into your new shower immediately they leave.

While thee are a lot of incorrigible and enthusiastic believers of Do It Yourself life hacks, unless you do this job for a living, this is not the best idea to test out your genius.

For instance, the knowledge of various flooring plans that you could install is not general. A shower pan with curbs offers the perfect water spray absorptions with an adequate pitch for drainage.

With the barrier-free shower stalls, a drainage slop is built below the level of the floor surface which would call for a lower pan or a raised door.

Converting your bathtub into a shower provides options to accommodate people living with a disability. Bath Fitter incorporates low seats mounted on the wall and customized grab bars for security that are positioned within their reach.

The materials used to create these showers are al acrylic which is both thick and strong to provide invaluable support. Adding to this they provide and anti-slip flooring to ensure safety for all who use the shower system.

Increasing their appeal, Bath Fitter provides several options in style and color to help cater to thousands of individual preferences and designs.

Picking out the shower type and wall color you are drawn to is welcomed and this gives the client full confidence knowing that their bathroom ideas will come alive.

As a more complex bathroom revamp, while you are planning for your bath to shower conversion, it is crucial to the success of this project if you are well resourced with a design consultant, detail technician, and the installer who will all help you finesse your ideas, manage your expectations and help you plan out your next two or three days.


To conclude, bathtub to shower conversions require the experience, expertise, and special eye of an expert who will save you a lot of unnecessary stress or repairs.

While their services force you to dip further into your pocket, a few thousand dollars should not be much to worry about considering the peace of mind that comes with it.


How long does a Bath Fitter shower last?

They are designed to last a lifetime. These showers are made of Acrylic in North America. This material is ideal to prevent mold and mildew because of its non-porous. It is also strong and thick which guarantees its formidable support.

How do I maintain my Bath Fitter shower?

Using approved cleaners that we will advise you on and that are readily available. After your installation, we provide you all information on ways to keep your new system clean, and with regular cleaning, this should not be a problem considering the material used does not stain or tarnish over time.


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